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Final Report Form

Final Reports should be filed with Maggie Thomas and Cheri Gaddis by June 30 of the academic year in which the project occurred. Please use the format and questions listed below, and send by email attachment to Maggie and Cheri.

We appreciate your efforts to complete this report. Your information and comments will be essential in evaluating the program, and may be edited and quoted in fundraising appeals. Thank You!

The Collaborative Research Committee
Maggie Thomas, Convener

Ford/Knight Final Report Guidelines

  1. Name and title of faculty director

  2. Title of project

  3. Date (Semester and Year)

  4. Brief description of project
    Please condense your description to one paragraph. This description will be used in presenting your project to foundations, donors, educational organizations, etc.

  5. Summary of research findings
    Please limit your answer to one or two paragraphs.

  6. Student Participants
    Please list in this manner:

    Name Major Class Year (fr., so, jr., sr.)
  7. How would you evaluate the quality of the students' work? Please be specific.

  8. Please list presentations to the Earlham community.

  9. Please describe others results or work in progress (presentations off-campus, papers read or published, other products of the project).

  10. How will this project relate to your own research in the future? Will any of the students be continuing this research?

  11. Pedagogical impact: How has participation as a director had an impact on your teaching?

  12. How might the College have provided support that would have enabled your project to be more effective?

  13. Other comments? Any personal vignettes or experiences from the project are welcome.

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